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Our residential lighting projects address not just large homes and bungalows, but also residential society lighting, that includes many different kinds of lighting, like that required for parking lots, corridors, staircases, lifts, parks, pathways and terraces.

We strongly believe that safety along with aesthetics is the most important for any residence, and enough care is take to ensure that our products follow the best safety standards and also enhance the beauty of your homes and societies. 


With our expert team of interior designers and lighting specialists, you can be rest assured that your home will glow and your society will stand out from the rest of the societies, and do remember, you would be paying much lower energy bills!!!


Beneficiaries: Residential Societies | Complexes | Homes | Bunglows 

Applications: Home Lighting | Corridor Lighting | Parking Lot | Staircase | Lifts | Parks | Pathways | Gardens | Club House | Swimming pool | Terrace 

Benefits: Aesthetically better | Economical Lighting | Long Life | Vibrant Looks

LED Room Lighting
LED Kitchen Lighting
LED Parking Lights

Residential LED Projects

Be it a showroom, mall or an office. How you light up your product displays or your desk, does contribute to your business success.

We at Ecosys provide smart lighting solutions that give you not just the most dazzling lights for your business but also the most elegant and economical one. With our scientific approach, we ensure that the lighting is appropriate for highest productivity and attracts the customers to increase your walk-ins. 


Beneficiaries: Office | Show Rooms | Malls | Clubs | Recreation Centers | Hoardings | railway Stations | Airports | Metro Stations | Petrol Pumps

Applications: Office Lighting | Show Case Lighting | Common Area Lighting | Conference Rooms | Parking Lot | Lifts | Pathways | Gardens | Club House | Swimming pool | Terrace | Hoarding Lights

Benefits: Efficient and Optimal Lighting | Increased Productivity | Aesthetically better | Economical Lighting | Long Life | Elegant

Commercial LED Projects

LED Office Light
Office LED Lighting
LED Hoarding Lights

In any industrial lighting project utmost importance needs to be given to ensure proper “task lighting”. At Ecosys, great care is taken to understand the specific tasks that will be carried out under the lights and it is ensured that the lights installed provide enough lumens for the task as specified by international standards. Productivity is directly proportional to the effectiveness in lighting.. 


Beneficiaries: Industries | Factories | Industrial Complexes | SEZs | Clean Rooms 

Types of Industries: Pharma Units | Chemical Factories | Textile Looms | Plastic Molding | Molding Units | Machine Manufacturing

Applications: Factory Lighting | Machine Lighting | Inspection Lighting | Clean Room Lighting | Corroison Proof Lighting | Common Area ighting

Benefits: Higher Power Factor | Efficient and Optimal Lighting | Increased Productivity | Economical Lighting | Long Life | High Utility

Industrial LED Projects

Industrial LED Lights
Chemical Factory Lighting
Textile Loom LED Lighting

Lighting solutions need to be scientific in nature for institutes. Utmost importance needs to be given to task lighting. Lighting solutions vary from place to place, and no single solution fits to any other institute. Lighting solution for a primary class room versus a play group is very different. Similarly a hospital and a nursing home cannot have similar lighting solutions.

At Ecosys, we completely understand the same and ensure the most optimal lighting depending on specific needs. 


Beneficiaries: Schools |  Colleges | Hostels | Labs | Hospitals | Government Institutes | Public Places

Applications: Class Room Lighting | Common Area Lighting | Operation Theatre Lighting | Laboratory Lighting | Library Lighting

Benefits: Efficient and Optimal Lighting | Increased Productivity | Economical Lighting | Long Life 

Institutes LED Lighting Projects

LED Hospital Lighting
LED School Lighting
LED Railway Station Lighting

Apart from providing illumination, the lights here serve a much more important function of creating beauty. The color temperatures, the intensity and placement of lights all has to be done with the objective of not just providing the most cost-effective illumination but also to allow the lights to be used as a tool to create pleasing scenes. With our range of lights, you can be rest assured that your project will be done with utmost care and will enhance the aesthetics of your property.  


Beneficiaries: Hotels | Resorts | Holiday Homes | Banquets | Conference Halls | Marriage Halls | Theaters | Gardens

Applications: Lobby Lighting | Room Lighting | banquet and Conference Lighting | Garden and Pool Lighting | Pathways | Podiums | Highlighters

Benefits: Enhanced Beauty | Vibrant Looks | High Light Specific Areas  | Economical Lighting | Long Life 

Hotels and Resorts LED Lighting Projects

LED Resort Pool Lighting
LED Theater Lighting
LED Resort High Lighters

We implement smart lighting solutions through the use of reliable sensor-based mechanism to provide the most power-efficient lighting system to warehouses which typically need large expanses of uniform lights such that only certain lights need to be lit at certain times. The lighting also needs to be according to the areas and applications within the warehouse to ensure higher productivity.

This ensures that you have proper lighting along with enormous savings in your energy bills. 


Beneficiaries: Warehouses | Cold Storages | Godowns | C&F Points

Applications: Sensor based WareHouse Lighting | Sorting Area Lighting | Storage Area Lighting | Dispatch Area Lighting | Parking Lots | Office Area Lighting

Benefits: Very Economical lighting | utility lighting | High PF | Increased Productivity

Warhouse LED Lighting Projects

Warehouse LED Tubelights
StorageLED Lights
LED Warehouse Lighting